People of Labrador West still waiting for promised ‘Dust Study’

NDP Health and Community Services Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) is calling on government to immediately tell the people of Labrador West when they will see the start of the dust study in their community.

On November 29, 2012 Rogers asked the minister responsible why the medical review of mine worker’s x-rays had not yet started. The minister’s response was that “in the very near future we will have an answer on that.” When Rogers pressed the minister, his reply was that “we will move forward in the very near future.”

Two months later there has been no official update from the government on when the study will start and residents of Labrador West are losing patience. Unofficially they are hearing it will be starting soon. “When is soon?” asked Rogers.

Ron Thomas, president of USW local 5795, says miners are growing tired of government’s lackluster response to the serious health concerns. “People around here, and especially the miners, feel that government is dragging its feet on this,” said Thomas. “We want to see action, we want government to show they are taking this seriously and we want this study to get underway.”

“The hard working miners of Labrador West deserve better from their government and their MHA,” said Rogers. “This issue cannot be brushed aside any longer, government’s promises of action to start ‘very soon’ or in the ‘near future’ are wearing thin. It’s time for action.”


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