Province should immediately withdraw support for CETA: Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) says that if Premier Paul Davis is truly convinced that there is no hope of the federal government supporting the fishery investment fund expected to come to this province with the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement, he must rescind the province’s support for the accord.

“The Premier is reported as saying that Stephen Harper has changed things so much regarding the fishery investment fund that ‘(it) is going to be unreachable,’” Michael said in the House of Assembly today, before asking the premier straight-out:

“I ask the Premier, if he is convinced that there is nowhere else to go will he rescind his agreement for CETA?”

Michael says the fund, which promised to develop areas such as marketing of our fishery, was one of the few good things about CETA for this province.

“I ask the Premier why would he continue to agree to CETA if there is no fund to assist with the development of our fishery as the province moves into a more open and aggressive market with European countries?” she said.

She says if there is no assistance for the fishery, it makes no sense to support a deal that can lead to more expensive prescription drugs, uncontrolled rights for corporations, and municipalities being forced to put tenders out on an international stage.”

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