Government shutting employment doors on potential applicants

NDP MHA Christopher Mitchelmore (The Straits-White Bay North) says he was taken aback by the answer to his question about plans for government job advertisements.

“I have been informed the provincial government positions will only be advertised on their website from now on, and not in newspapers,” Mitchelmore said in the House today. He asked the government to confirm or deny the rumours he has been hearing about these plans.

Mitchelmore has been persistent in his calls for equal access to broadband internet services in the province. Finance Minister Tom Marshall said, in his response confirming the move, that only four per cent of job applicants indicated they read the posting in a print vehicle.

“The minister did not say whether they asked these applicants if they had any choice about where they read the job postings,” Mitchelmore pointed out. “There are more than 200 communities in the province without access to highspeed internet – is he saying the people in those communities are not welcome to apply for government jobs?”

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