Rogers pushes government on human rights and whistleblowers

Today in the House of Assembly, Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) asked the government about its progress on two long-standing issues.

Human rights advocates have been requesting for years that gender identity be included in the province’s Human Rights Code, but Rogers was told at a budget estimates meeting that this hasn’t been done because gender identity is “confusing.”

“What’s confusing is why government won’t protect the human rights of a group ― transgendered individuals ― who are more bullied than any other group in schools and society,” said Rogers. “Gender identity should absolutely be included as a prohibited ground for discrimination in our Human Rights Code.”

Rogers also asked the premier about the long-promised whistleblower legislation, originally proposed by the provincial Conservatives in 2008.

“Here we are, four years later, with no such legislation in sight,” said Rogers in the House. “I ask the premier, when will she honour the promise made so long ago?”


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