Cabinet announcement leaves us with more questions than answers

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) said she was pleased to see the Progressive Conservative government adopt yet another long-standing NDP policy initiative by moving towards putting early childhood development under the Department of Education. It has been something New Democrats have been pushing for many years. She says she hopes they complete the process by including childcare under the Department.

“This follows the Tories’ pledge last spring to implement full-day kindergarten, another of our long time policy initiatives,” said Michael. “Good to have another win for the province’s New Democrats.”

That said, Michael said she is very concerned about the disappearance of the Department of Justice and the appearance a new, Harper Conservative sounding Department of Public Safety.

“First they cut the Family Violence Intervention Court, now the Justice department itself is on the missing list,” said Michael. “To paraphrase the famous adage ‘not only must justice be done; it must also be seen to be done,’ I ask “Where is the Department of Justice?”

Michael noted when New Brunswick created a Department of Public Safety, they kept their Department of Justice, open and visible to the public.

On top of this confusion, Premier Davis has appointed an unelected person, lawyer Judy Manning, to head the new department. Ms. Manning has already indicated she would not seek opportunities to sit in the House provided by running in upcoming by-elections. She has stated she will try her luck in the upcoming general election, which could be a year from now.

“It seems the Premier fears that his choice to oversee the public’s safety could not win the public’s confidence in an election,” said Michael. “This is disgraceful. Ms. Manning is unaccountable to the people. Who will answer her questions in the House? She should respect House of Assembly tradition and run at the earliest possible opportunity.”

“Like yesterday’s Humber Valley Paving report, today’s Cabinet announcement leaves us with more questions than answers. Three days in to his new job, Premier Davis has a lot to answer for.”

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