Government must establish proper oversight for Nalcor

NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael

It has been almost a year since the Liberal government was elected and, says NDP House Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, St. John’s East-Quidi Vidi), the people of the province are still waiting for government to put some effective oversight in place for Nalcor, which is responsible for a large chunk of each year’s budget deficit.

“A Liberal election promise committed to ‘improve management oversight at Nalcor.’ A year after the Liberals have gained power, the government’s Oversight Committee has been virtually silent, there is still an interim Board at Nalcor, and the EY report is long overdue,” Michael said in the House of Assembly during Question Period today.

“Given the mounting costs, and the ongoing engineering and environmental issues that plague this project, I ask the Premier, when will he create a truly independent Muskrat Falls Oversight Committee that produces regular public reports?”

Michael has said for years that the crown corporation should be subject to scrutiny by the Public Utilities Board. The previous government resisted the idea of the impartial oversight of the PUB; Michael says a new administration could have changed that.

“Robust oversight of an $11 billion dollar project is crucial and long overdue,” she said today

“I ask the Premier, will he reverse the poor decision of the previous government and place Nalcor under the full regulatory authority of the Public Utilities Board which is there to protect the rate payer and ensure the reliability of power generated at Muskrat Falls?”

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