Government’s attitude to PUB is baffling, says Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) says the way government is behaving around the Public Utilities Board is confusing, and she had some questions, seeking clarification in the House of Assembly today.

“The PUB will have jurisdiction over most transmission lines in Labrador except for those included with the Muskrat Falls project. The PUB won’t apply to setting of transmission rates for Muskrat Falls,” said Michael. “I ask the premier why is your government exempting transmission related to Muskrat Falls from the PUB?”

Michael noted the irony in the government solidifying the PUB’s role in setting industrial rates for mining corporations in Labrador but not for the protection of the people of the province.

“I ask the Premier why is she giving mining companies more protection than the people of the province who are going to foot the bill for Muskrat Falls?” she said. “Why is this government so obsessed with keeping the PUB out of Muskrat Falls project?”

Michael also returned to her previous line of questioning about the potential privatization of the Muskrat Falls project.

“For the premier to say that we will only go into debt if people don’t pay their light bills is nonsense. Cost overruns, on the other hand, do pose a very real threat,” she said. “I ask the premier why will she not own up to the fact that cost overruns could put the project into the hands of EMERA?

“The Premier opened the door to privatization when she signed the loan guarantee with section 4.11 in it. Mr. Speaker, I ask the premier what else did she give up to EMERA?” said Michael.

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