Rogers wants to see Domestic Violence Court opened

NDP Justice critic, Gerry Rogers

NDP MHA Gerry Rogers (St. John’s Centre) says the government is dragging its heels on the re-opening and expansion of the Domestic Violence Court, which they promised in the 2015 budget.

Rogers has been calling for the reinstatement of the Family Violence Intervention Court (FVIC) ever since the government announced its closure in Budget 2013. “Closing the court never made sense,” Rogers said. “The unique design of this court benefited everyone involved – victims, offenders, and community agencies – and kept families together.”

Earlier this year, the provincial government announced it would be establishing a Domestic Violence Court, expanding the service to two new locations. Since then, however, no indication of exactly when it will be opened – or where the additional locations will be – has been made.

In 2014, Rogers gathered thousands of signatures demanding the reinstatement of the FVIC. “This court was so effective at protecting women and children, and had such a low rate of recidivism – a fraction compared to those who go through traditional courts!”

“We cannot wait any longer. We cannot allow victims to suffer any longer without this valuable recourse,” Rogers said. “So I ask the government – where are the new Family Violence Intervention Courts?”

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