NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) says she is hopeful today’s Throne Speech indicates the Dunderdale Conservatives finally plan to pay attention to some issues she has been highlighting for years. At the same time, however, she says there remain some gaping holes in government policy.


NDP Education Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) noted the annual arrival of Education Week with congratulations for the province’s teachers, staff and students – and a demand for government to make our students’ school experiences even better.


NDP Environment and Municipal Affairs Critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) wants to know if there is a government plan for dealing with abandoned fish plants and other structures in the province.


NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) and Housing Critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) attended the official opening of Marguerite’s Place today, and had nothing but praise for the women who were responsible for the opening of the complex.


NL NDP Fisheries and Aquaculture Critic Christopher Mitchelmore (MHA, The Straits – White Bay North) and Labour Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) reacted with dismay to government’s move to freeze funding for the FFAW.


NDP MHA Dale Kirby (St. John’s North) attended an open house at a club for people with disabilities, and was appalled at what he heard.

The Longside Club, on Shaw Street in St. John’s, has operated for 25 years, serving people with disabilities in the capital city area. Between 60 and 80 people regularly participate in programs at the club.


NDP MHA Christopher Mitchelmore (The Straits – White Bay North) says a near-tragedy on Sunday demonstrates the urgent need for a review of policies around both communications and emergency response equipment.


NDP Leader and Health Critic Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill–Quidi Vidi), is pleased the provincial government is addressing emergency room wait time concerns, but says there are other questions yet to be answered.



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