April White

This has been a large year for interdisciplinary artist April White. She was named 2017 Emerging Artist of the Year by Visual Artists of Newfoundland and Labrador and just recently named recipient of the Cox & Palmer Pivotal Point Grant, valued at $5,000.

Her work finds wonder in moments that might otherwise feel unremarkable while investigating our relationship to our own bodies. April was awarded the grant to create a new series called, I Didn’t Volunteer for This, which examines involuntary bodily actions like sneezing, yawning, laughing, and crying through performance, drawing, watercolour, and watercolour animation.

The series builds on White’s 2016 solo exhibition at The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, A Day in the Life Of, as well as a watercolour series called Sneeze.

Part of what inspires her to make this work is an interest in challenging historical representation of women, by painting herself in moments of lost composure. She troubles a history of women being treated as beautiful objects in art. April holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from our very own Grenfell Campus, MUN.

I am so excited to see what incredible work April has in store for us. Bravo!

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