Blue Door Program, Thrive

Mr. Speaker today I acknowledge the incredible work of a number of organizations and activists in St. John's Centre who came together to create a new program called Blue Door.

Housed within the organizational structure of Thrive, the Blue Door Program is a five year project serving individuals 14-29 years of age who want to exit the sex trade or who have been sexually exploited and are looking for support to find alternatives in their lives. The services provided by Blue Door are based on the principles of self-determination, survival leadership and harm reduction. The dedicated workers work flexible hours to best support young folks, providing help with housing, education, therapeutic services, health services, leadership skills and employment skills.

All this is centred on respect for the choices made by individual participants while developing meaningful relationships with staff and participants.

I ask all members to join me in thanking Angela Crockwell and her amazing team for their dedication, their passion and compassion. This is about transforming lives.

I look forward to what we will learn from the young participants of Blue Door and the leadership they will provide to us in understanding the needs and rights of young folks in this project. Bravo!

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