Brenda O’Brien

I am so pleased on International Women’s Day to recognize a constituent who is the essence of the unsung heroine, as are so many women.

Wife, mother, activist Brenda O’Brien for the past 14 years has been an untiring advocate for her own son and all children on the autism spectrum.

Brenda has devoted her life to working with teachers, principals, and counsellors to ensure that the schools her son, and other children with special needs, attend are welcoming and truly inclusive.

She researches intently what can be done and engages knowledgeably with professionals in trying to attain solutions to problems believing beyond a doubt that there is always a solution.

She has raised awareness in our educational system about the human rights of children with autism and developmental disabilities. She was instrumental in getting early intervention extended to children with autism beyond the age of 6.

Brenda continues to advocate for accommodation in the school system.

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