A Christmas Greeting from Gerry Rogers (2013)

It’s December and we’re all so busy.. We're stretched for time or money, we're running trying to get everything done….. the right gift for everyone, finding a tree, decorating, cooking, running from concert to concert. It can all feel so overwhelming! 

But... this time of year can also bring out the very best in each of us.

It's often a time when we think of others… a time when we open our hearts....

It’s When we shovel a neighbour’s walk or help a community group serve Christmas dinner, when we donate to a charity or let a harried Mom ahead in the grocery store line-up. It’s then when we are the very spirit of this season.
And that’s the best gift of all.

I wish you the very best of holidays, a time of sharing and connecting…
and I wish you a Happy Joyous New year.

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