Froude Avenue Community

On June 26, a devastating fire destroyed eight homes in the Froude Avenue community, severely damaging an additional 14 homes. It was a night of incredible loss. Families with children, seniors, people with physical disabilities lost everything they owned, escaping with simply the clothes on their backs. Family pets, irreplaceable family heirlooms, photos were gone. There was shock, fear and terror. The whole community was grief-stricken.

When I arrived on the scene, police, firefighters and other first responders were working hard to get the fire under control, ensuring the safety of the community.

In the midst of it all, making sure everyone was being taken care of were Bob Dawson, Enid Pendergast and Lyndsay Hynes, the amazing team of Froude Avenue Community Centre. They worked all through the night coordinating efforts of the dedicated NL Housing workers, making sure everyone was accounted for and housed for the night, that people had their necessary medications.

They continued to help people deal with grief, shock and so much more. The community responded with generosity, donations poured in. The compassion was astounding!

But it was Bob, Enid and Lyndsay who championed the recovery of their community. They are true heroes! Bravo!

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