Gerry Rogers Question Period (11.06.2013)

MR. SPEAKER: The hon. the Member for St. John’s Centre.

MS ROGERS:Mr. Speaker, the Family Violence Intervention Court was a successful program that finally understood the complex dynamics of domestic abuse. It intervened immediately. Women and children were safer, offenders were treated, and the victimism rate was much lower with a budget of only $500,000; 0.2 per cent of the entire Justice budget.

I ask the Minister of the Status of Women: What efforts did she make to stop the closure of the court?

MR. SPEAKER: The hon. the Minister of Justice.

SOME HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear!

MR. KING: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

I am certainly pleased to take that question and remind the member opposite about the tremendous investments we continue to make in support of violence in this Province, in particular violence against women. We take that issue very seriously. The Family Violence Court was one tool, and albeit an important tool, that helped just shy of thirty individuals last year go through the process, and I am very pleased that it was a successful process, but we must be reminded that there are other ways to provide supports to violence against women and to provide it Province-wide, not just for people on the Avalon or in the St. John’s region.

We have ensured the RNC have made it a priority as one of their long-term plans. Constable Suzanne Fitzgerald is actually employed in a position that works to provide supports, and that is a result of budgetary decisions that we made in supporting the RNC. The RCMP as well has made it a priority, to focus on violence against women.

MR. SPEAKER: Order, please!

MR. KING: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

MR. SPEAKER: There is time for a very quick question without any preamble.

MS ROGERS:Mr. Speaker, I ask the Minister for the Status of Women: will she demand to have the court reinstated?

SOME HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear!

MR. SPEAKER: The hon. the Minister of Justice, for a very quick response.

MR. KING: I can assure the member opposite that the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women has made every effort to represent the views of women in these decisions.Family

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