Government attempting to mask pain of budget with jargon

St. John's Centre NDP MHA Gerry Rogers

The Liberals seem to have entirely reversed their stand on almost everything that was in their election platform last fall. St. John’s Centre NDP MHA Gerry Rogers cut through some of the new jargon today in Question Period in the provincial House of Assembly.

“The Premier described any HST increase as a ‘job killer,’” Rogers reminded the House. “Now he has committed his government to ‘evidence-based decision making.’

“I ask the Premier, based on his evidence-based decision making, how many jobs exactly does he expect his HST increase will kill?”

Rogers says the budget is not one she would expect from a government that knows what it’s doing; she says it is “Merely an accounting exercise void of vision or hope.”

The NDP MHA says she would challenge the minister to identify just one new source of revenue. “Or is she satisfied to just pick the pockets of our people with regressive taxes, levies and fees?” Rogers asked.

One of the most important broken election promises was that to diversify the economy. “During the election they promised economic diversification, yet their first Budget shows no evidence of any plan for economic diversification,” she said.

Rogers says she wonders whether the minister has any concrete plans for economic diversification, beyond crossing her fingers hoping oil prices increase.

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