John Harris – SARIS Debate Finalist

I am happy to rise to congratulate a young constituent who has had recent success in provincial debating.

Grade 12 student John Harris recently participated in a debate organized by the Roderick J. White Foundation for Science and Reason in Society, or SARIS, a local education and advocacy group. SARIS is a charitable organization based on advocating for evidence-based reasoning in all aspects of public life.

A few weeks ago, John Harris and his debating partner, Hannah Breckinridge, first competed against 10 other teams at an invitational tournament, organized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Debate Union, in order to qualify for the SARIS debate and lecture. The championship topic the two qualifying teams debated was “Should Prison be Punitive?”

These top two teams debated in front of a live audience at Memorial University on a serious and challenging topic. John’s team ultimately placed second, and all four youth participants took home scholarship prize money from SARIS.

Congratulations to John Harris and the other student debaters, Hannah Breckinridge, Henry La Prairie, and Luke Battcock, who participated in the tournament and SARIS Debate. I ask all honourable members to join me in congratulating these young people on their success and wish them the best in their future debating careers.

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