Lobster industry initiative a good first step: NDP

NDP Fisheries Critic Christopher Mitchelmore (MHA The Straits—White Bay North) said today he is cautiously optimistic about the new conservation and sustainability plan for the province’s ailing lobster fishery. The initiative, announced in St. John’s this morning, is a program developed co-operatively by the federal and provincial governments and the FFAW.

“I do have concerns, such as the reverse auction aspect of the buyout,” says Mitchelmore. “This must be a truly voluntary process, and not a situation that preys on the desperation of people in the industry.”

Mitchelmore says it is clear for the health and long term viability of the province’s lobster fishery that some people must leave the industry. He says it is vital those people who opt to leave get a fair and reasonable settlement.

Mitchelmore says he is pleased this initiative came about from co-operation between the union and both levels of government. He says he hopes this is an indication of things to come in the fishing industry as a whole.

“Consultation is key,” says Mitchelmore. “I will be on the ground in my district ready to help lobster fishers who want to participate in this program, and will certainly be willing to work with any of the affected parties on the west and south coasts.”

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