Mary Sexton

Twelve years ago film producer Mary Sexton began her odyssey to bring Maudie to the big screen. And she did it! Not only did she get the story of artist Maude Lewis on screens around the world, Maudie won twenty international awards. Among them Best Motion Picture at the Canadian Screen Awards and three awards at the Irish Film and Television Academy Awards.

The role of a film producer is to have a vision, gather the best team possible to realize that vision, and make sure that everyone has what they need to do their best to bring the story to life.

The producer takes the risk and is the guiding force and the glue that holds everything and everyone together.

It takes determination, skill, passion, and above all, courage! And what an incredible film Mary and her team created!

Mary Sexton is proof that despite all obstacles, beautiful, powerful films can be made. Thank you Mary for the incredible gift of Maudie to the world. Bravo!

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