Member’s Statement: Bridges to Hope

Gerry Rogers, MHA, St. John’s Centre
Private Member’s Statement
Bridges to Hope

Mr. Speaker I rise today to honour and congratulate the work of Bridges to Hope on Cookstown Rd in St. John’s Centre. Guided by the compassion and expertise of Program Director Derek Winsor, the 4 staff and a whole host of volunteers, have created several innovative programs to help lift people out of poverty.

Through their Food Pantry they’ve assisted 2835 people, including 510 children, since January alone. In the community kitchen every day, Chef Andrew teaches 8 people how to cook nutritious, delicious meals on a budget. Many are single moms trying to make ends meet.

Wednesdays, Chef and participants bake 100 loaves of whole grain bread to distribute at the Food Pantry. Summer months he runs a Youth Cooking Program.

And if that weren’t enough Bridges to Hope and their supporters prepare and distribute 500 bookbags at the beginning of the school year, 300 Christmas hampers and with Daybreak operates a Toy Lending Library 2 days a week providing developmental toys to families who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

They say, “Poverty can rob people of many things except Hope. We are the bridge. Let’s make a difference!”

Thank you, Derek and team, for the difference you do make.

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