Member’s Statement: Refugee Immigrant Advisory Council

Gerry Rogers, MHA, St. John’s Centre
Private Member’s Statement
Refugee Immigrant Advisory Council

Thank you Mr. Speaker,

I rise to honour the incredible work of RIAC, the Refugee Immigrant Advisory Council & to celebrate Refugee Week!

Newfoundland & Labrador has become home to many refugees from across the globe, people who have fled wars, famine, torture, discrimination and oppression. Some came as individuals, separated from their families due to repressive regimes, others as families. But for all, the move was difficult. RIAC was there to help by providing programs, support groups and one on one matching to enable and empower people of diverse origins to make Newfoundland and Labrador their home and become productive members of our community.

RIAC’s vision “to create a community that is inclusive and free of prejudice; that celebrates the diversity of its population; and that supports the rights of all people to enjoy freedom from persecution, danger and oppression.” guides their work.

RIAC has organized a week of activities including Art exhibits, storytelling, Thursday evening, four young refugees from Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo and Bhutan share their stories. Check out their website.

Thank you to the folks at RIAC for the wonderful work and to the Refugees who have made NL their home, making our community all the richer for it.

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