Member's Statement: Community Youth Network/THRIVE

Gerry Rogers, MHA, St. John's Centre
Private Member’s Statement
Community Youth Network/THRIVE

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today to salute an extraordinary organization headquartered in my district. THRIVE Community Youth Network – St. John’s connects youth, social workers and volunteers – they are building networks (and community) at an amazing pace.

I recently attended the launch of CASEY, a coalition challenging youth sexual exploitation. This and other programs of Thrive, CYN – St. John’s are making a real difference to at-risk youth.

Street Reach targets youth with multiple issues, helping them break down the barriers that keep them from asking for help, and connects them to programs that can help them.

Youth at Promise is a basic literacy program that provides a supportive learning environment for youth facing significant barriers to the regular education system.

THE AMAZING VELOCITY PROGRAM focuses on life skills and personal development through adrenaline-based adventure activities for teenagers. Youth learn to overcome adversity while creating and enhancing connections within the community, and increasing healthy lifestyle choices.

Mr. Speaker, I ask all Honourable Members to join me in celebrating the ongoing contributions of Thrive, Community Youth Network – St. John’s. They are instrumental in re-directing and sometimes saving the lives of our youth at risk, and they deserve our support.

Thank you, Thrive!

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