Michael John Jones

Thank you Mr. Speaker. I stand on March 28, what would have been the 74th birthday of Michael John Jones – father, grandfather, brother, uncle, visionary filmmaker, inspirer, and mentor especially of young people – had Mike lived two more weeks.

His untimely death has brought to the general public the man behind the scenes, the co-founder of the filmmakers co-operative NIFCO known to his peers as the godfather of filmmaking in this province – a multi-million dollar industry now that began with the iconic “The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood” the making of which in itself was an adventure.

As described by brother Andy Jones, “the crazy best outta control scariest most passionate thing I have ever done and the closest attempt at pure art that I was ever involved in.”

What a description of Mike’s life and work.

I ask the members of this House to join Mike's family, friends, and colleagues in the film industry as they celebrate his life and grieve the loss of this vital person.

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