Michael says power crisis needs PUB inquiry

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill – Quidi Vidi) is reiterating her call for an inquiry by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) into the ongoing power crisis gripping the island portion of the province.

“A debate about whether this is a crisis or not won’t help people left in the cold during these outages,” said Michael, “but an inquiry by the PUB is needed to help maintain, and indeed restore, the people’s confidence in our power system. We need assurances that this won’t happen again.”

A PUB inquiry would inform residents about what happened to cause the recurring outages, while also offering some solutions about how our utilities can be better prepared for peak demand during the winter season.

“There are questions that people deserve answers for,” said Michael. “For example, why wasn’t Hydro prepared for severe weather conditions? Were our utilities unable to properly maintain the system, if so why?

“I shall be holding the premier accountable for ensuring that the people of the province will get all their questions answered through a PUB inquiry.”

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