Murphy questions pesticide use in aquaculture

NDP Environment and Conservation critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) questioned government today about the use of pesticides in the aquaculture industry in this province. Fisheries Act charges have recently been laid against Cooke Aquaculture for its repeated use of a pesticide that can have devastating effects on shellfish; the charges followed a two-year investigation into dead and dying lobster in the Bay of Fundy.

Murphy said in the House of Assembly, “We have learned of a company that has now been charged with the use of a chemical pesticide in the aquaculture industry. Will the government table a list of all chemicals currently used in the practice of aquaculture in this province?”

The MHA added, “Cooke Aquaculture is facing serious charges of illegal use of pesticides in two other provinces.

“Can the minister assure this House and the consumers of fish that his department has been taking the proper steps to monitor the aquaculture industry to ensure this does not happen here?”


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