NDP MHA Gerry Rogers addresses Occupy NL protesters

Gerry Rogers, MHA for St. John’s Centre is again supporting the Occupy NL call for the House of Assembly to be open. Rogers addressed the protesters raising the need for our House to use legislative standing committees.

“Consultation is a basic component of democracy. Every other legislature in the country uses these committees to scrutinize and debate legislation,” said Rogers. “Why not here?”

Protesters raised many issues, including affordable housing, poverty reduction, taxation philosophy, and Muskrat Falls. There is much to discuss in the House stated Rogers.

“Muskrat Falls will be the biggest expenditure in the history of our province,” said Rogers. “We must have a special session of the House to publicly debate this extremely important issue.”

Rogers also called on citizens to call and email Kathy Dunderdale to express their concerns, saying, “I ask every citizen in the province to tell Kathy Dunderdale enough already. The people of NL want more transparency and accountability. This is no way to run our province.”

The NL NDP election platform included a section entitled Renewing Democracy. It outlined the following policy positions:
• Increase the minimum number of days the House of Assembly must sit each year to at least 60.
• Change information and privacy legislation to strengthen access to information and privacy protection.
• Ensure transparency and public consultation on all major new legislation.
• Add Civics to the junior high school Social Studies curriculum.
• Conduct a review to assess the need for electoral reform.
• Give all-party Standing Committees of the House of Assembly the resources to examine proposed legislation and other matters of government policy, in a democratic manner inviting public participation


The premier can be reached by phone: 729-3570. Email: kathydunderdale@gov.nl.ca And by mail: East Block, Confederation Building Elizabeth Ave P.O. Box 8700 St. John's NL A1B 4J6

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