Our House is Open: Broadband Internet

NDP Critic for Innovation, Business and Rural Development Christopher Mitchelmore (MHA, The Straits-White Bay North) today asked whether government planned to fulfill its commitments to province-wide broadband internet.

“We know that high-speed internet access is vital for businesses, particularly in the tourism sector that government promotes so strenuously,” said Mitchelmore. “It’s a must for education, especially when so many high school courses are delivered through distance education.

“The people of rural Newfoundland need to know when government will take serious action to ensure they have this essential service.”


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NDP Caucus: Our House is Open
Question for December 7, 2011
Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA, The Straits-White Bay North

Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of Innovation, Business and Rural Development.

Mr. Speaker, this government has made many pledges in support of rural Newfoundland and Labrador. Last week we saw, in Port Union and Marystown, the value of those pledges.

Mr. Speaker, the people of my region have heard promises of internet access since the Tobin administration. This year government committed $8 million to “address gaps in broadband availability.”

In my region, Mr. Speaker, less than half of all businesses have broadband and only a little over half of all residents have access to same. I have seen no indication this will improve any time soon.

Mr. Speaker, I ask the minister, when will government bring this essential service to the people of the Great Northern Peninsula?

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