RECLAMATION – Curated by Jerry Evans

Last weekend Government House was “reclaimed” by 27 First Peoples, Indigenous artists from around the province. “Reclamation” curated by Mi’kmaq artist Jerry Evans as part of Eastern Edge’s 15-day ‘IDENTIFY’ – a celebration of indigenous arts and culture, the exhibit was so well attended that the organized tours had to be abandoned so the community could all squeeze in!

The pieces, gathered from public and private art collections were made from every imaginable medium – Labradorite, Caribou tufting, soapstone, bone, lithograph, digital photo manipulation, mixed media beach glass, antler, acrylic on canvas, organic dye, beadwork, sterling silver, split spruce root, walnut, sweet grass.

Jerry pointed out, “there is so much more art and so many more artists who could/should have been included!”

Jerry Evans has spent his life creating art for and about his community. Curating this extraordinary collection has been a gift to us all. I know there is more to come!

Wela’lin! Nakkumek! Tsinashkumitin!

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