St. Teresa’s Elementary School

Gerry Rogers, MHA, St. John’s Centre
Member’s Statement

Walking into St. Teresa’s Elementary School is an amazing experience! They are a true treasure in the middle of St. John’s Centre and they have much to celebrate.

This year their Literacy Action Team created creative programs to get students reading. A Dress Up as your favourite book character and a family pancake breakfast where parents read with their children in the gym after breakfast together won them the Indigo Love of Reading grant of $100,000 for new books to help their students develop a whole new love of reading.

Their Kids Eat Smart Breakfast program serves up to 1,200 students every week, making sure all students have a full belly to help them do their best in school. The Program Coordinators and volunteers make this a huge success.

And St. Teresa's Pride is flourishing! Over 30 students along with their teachers are actively involved in making a difference in student lives.

Congratulations Principal Kyran Dwyer and team for developing an incredible community of learning, inclusiveness, and exploration for the lucky students of St. Teresa’s!

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