Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir – 10th Anniversary

I am delighted to congratulate an organization that has been creating positive community empowerment for the last decade.

The Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir is a place of acceptance where there are no auditions and people sing for the joy of it. The Choir is comprised of Stella’s Circle participants, staff, and volunteers, has 35 plus members, and 100 performances under their belt.

Stella’s Circle has a mission to transform lives for people facing barriers to successful inclusion in the community. The Inclusion Choir increases social connections for the members and can be a step towards engaging in other community activities.

The choir’s original song, Be the Change, was written this past spring with Juno award-winning singer-songwriter Amelia Curran. I was delighted to take in the screening of a video documenting the songwriting process at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. And Music NL recently presented the Inclusion Choir with a community award.

The philosophy of the Choir is that every one of us can sing when encouraged and given the opportunity. I ask all honourable members to join me in congratulating Stella’s Circle staff and volunteers, all choir members, and choir director, volunteer Helen Murphy, on the tenth anniversary of the Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir.

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