Congratulations to Federation of Labour on 75th Anniversary

Dale Kirby, NDP MHA (St. John’s North) extends his congratulations to the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, who are celebrating their 75th year of solidarity in promoting a better life for the working people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Every working person in this province owes a debt of gratitude to the tireless work of the Federation of Labour,” says Kirby. “Better working hours, better wages, better working conditions are just some of the achievements won by the Federation. Their work over the past few years on the Share the Wealth Campaign is just one example of how their focus is on families and communities as well as workers

Kirby notes there are still many important current issues such as anti-scab legislation and the protection and improvement of pensions, which must be fought for and won. He also says the NDP is ready to fight alongside the Federation to defend workers against anti-labour forces like the federal Harper government.

“I look forward to continuing the fight to protect and to improve better everyday working life for the people of this province,” says Kirby. “I know, working together, we will succeed.”

Kirby also notes he is looking forward to attending the Federation’s celebrations next week in Gander.

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