Rogers looking forward to mental health committee

NDP St. John's Centre MHA Gerry Rogers

St. John’s Centre MHA Gerry Rogers is proud that all government MHAs voted for the private member’s motion she presented in the House of Assembly yesterday – and she’s looking forward to getting down to work with her colleagues to address the many shortfalls of mental health treatment in the province.

The motion came from a petition circulated by the Community Coalition 4 Mental Health, a group of more than 30 community organizations working to make things better for people with mental health challenges.

In it, Rogers asked the House to immediately establish a Select Committee on Mental Health. A select committee is composed of MHAs from all parties. It is tasked with looking at a particular issue or situation, and can call witnesses as it needs, and makes recommendations to government.

“I was delighted yesterday when members of all three parties voted to support this motion and establish the committee. It was a firm and solid demonstration of what people from each party have been saying – that all-party committees work, and that there is a growing crisis in mental health,” Rogers said today.

“I am happy that as elected members we set aside our political differences and agreed to work together for the people who elected us. I look forward to sitting with my colleagues on this committee, listening to the people of the province, and developing some desperately-needed solutions for those who have been waiting for them so long.”

Rogers notes that the resolution calls for the committee to be established “immediately” and is hoping to see action taken by the health minister in the very near future.

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