AG Report reflection of government neglect

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) says the Auditor General’s report reflects a government that has not taken its responsibilities seriously. Michael points out that several of the cases highlighted by the AG are long-standing problems, and substantive action should have been taken on them years ago.

For example, she says, the AG report says that out of our 768 provincial bridges, more than half (401) are over 40 years old and 154 are rated as “poor” and will need to be replaced soon.

“Despite an eight-year plan, the number of ‘poor’ rated bridges has doubled since 2003,” Michael said today. “This is not what I would describe as staying on top of a problem.”

Another issue raised by the Auditor General is the timely auditing of oil royalties. Again, says Michael, this should come as no surprise to anyone in government and should have been addressed years ago.

“We discussed this problem in the 2008 Budget Estimates,” she said. “So for six years at least we have known about this inability to carry out timely audits of our most important revenue source.

“How can this possibly be construed as sound fiscal management?”

Michael says the Auditor General’s report is full of situations where management is failing – bridges, MCP audits, the cranberry industry and oversight of Eastern Health.

“After more than a decade in power, the Conservatives should have figured out how to address some of these longstanding issues,” she said. “The Auditor General’s report demonstrates clearly government’s inability to provide sound fiscal management.”

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