Lower red tape grade shows lack of transparency and accountability: Murphy

NDP Service NL Critic George Murphy

NDP Service NL critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) is not surprised to learn the Canadian Federation of Small Business (CFIB) Red Tape Report Card has dropped the provincial government’s grade to a C+ from last year’s B due to, the CFIB says, government’s lack of transparency and accountability on regulatory reform for small businesses.

“If this government is known for anything, it is its lack of transparency and accountability,” says Murphy. “And the fact that this attitude carries over into even communications on its own regulations is a dismal reflection of the general attitude.

“To be clear, no one is calling for a reduction of regulatory standards. My concern here, and that of the CFIB, is government’s lack of commitment to transparency and accountability in their ongoing work on red tape reform.”

The CFIB says it gave the lower grade because red tape reform is no longer a priority for government. The organization is calling for the measurement and public reporting of red tape to be made law.

Murphy met with a representative of the CFIB recently to discuss the issue.

“We see this lack of transparency in every aspect of this government’s operations. Whether it’s ferry reports or Muskrat Falls, transparency and accountability is not this government’s strong suit,” says Murphy.

“Small and medium-sized business is a vital sector of the province’s economy, making up 97.5 per cent of all businesses in the province. CFIB members employ more than 40,000 people. They are asking for clear and consistent communication of applicable rules and regulations. Government needs to listen to what they are saying and work with them to achieve this.”

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