Tell The Tories Day 5: Still looking for Transparency on Muskrat Falls

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill – Quidi Vidi) is wrapping up the first week of her caucus’s “Tell The Tories” campaign with a reminder to government that the people of the province have been asking for more transparency regarding their Muskrat Falls mega-project.

“The entire process government used to push Muskrat Falls forward was perceived by many as secretive, flawed and undemocratic,” said Michael. “They gave the Public Utilities Board little real opportunity to assess the project, have consistently resisted the idea of implement standing committees which would naturally do this work, and limited actual debate in the House of Assembly to one private member’s motion and two bills with artificial deadlines.”

Michael points out the legislation that created Nalcor in the first place blocks a certain amount of public scrutiny, including limiting the scope of the Auditor General, and allowing Nalcor to keep secret information it deems commercially sensitive.

“Determining what is commercially sensitive seems to be about as open to interpretation as determining what a cabinet secret is,” Michael pointed out. “The people of this province, who will be paying for this project for the next 50 years,
should know every step of the way what’s going on.

“This is the biggest investment in the history of this province and the people who are going to shoulder the cost deserve to know how decisions are being made.”

On Jan. 27, in response to the newly-appointed premier’s declaration that he planned to listen to the people, NDP Leader Lorraine Michael started a campaign to remind government of messages the people of Newfoundland and Labrador have been trying to send. #TellTheTories encourages people to discuss ways they feel government has been ignoring them.

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