OCI continues hostility towards workers in the province

NDP Fisheries Critic Christopher Mitchelmore (The Straits –White Bay North) and Labour Critic Dale Kirby (St. John’s North) are once again calling on the Dunderdale Conservatives to table anti-scab legislation in the House of Assembly. Ocean Choice International (OCI) has decided to lock out a unionized trawler crew while bringing in scab labour to fill those workers’ jobs.

“Locking out workers with the intent of replacing them would not be an option for OCI if the Dunderdale Conservatives enacted anti-scab legislation. With this legislation the company would be obligated to negotiate with the unionized workers instead of leaving them out in the cold,” says Kirby.

Trouble in the fishery continues and many are pointing to OCI as the culprit in escalating these problems.

“This aggressiveness is what people in the fishing industry have come to expect from OCI,” says Mitchelmore. “This company puts profit ahead of everything else, and it may be time for Government to take community based solutions more seriously.”

“Once again this government is all talk and no action. In 2007 the Conservative government said they would look at anti-scab legislation, but we’ve since seen no action,” says Kirby. “Let’s hope Minister King doesn’t sit on his hands while this situation escalates,” says Mitchelmore.

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