Government must demand full investigation of federal search and rescue capability in province

NDP Leader, Lorraine Michael (MHA Signal Hill–Quidi Vidi) says she is disappointed the Dunderdale Conservatives have been silent to date on the deplorable state of the federal search and rescue program serving the province.

“Up to now the only investigation into the tragedy in Makkovik was done by the military itself,” says Michael. “This is not acceptable. People all over the province are speaking up. Where is the provincial government?”

Government must demand a more complete inquiry into the federal search and rescue system people depend on, says Michael. A service as vital as search and rescue must be fully functional and there when we need it.

We need to know more about the disconnect between land and sea searches. We need to know who was actually coordinating the search for Burton Winters. We need an examination of SAR protocol and practices.

Michael says Premier Dunderdale has said she endorsed Stephen Harper during the past federal campaign because she wanted to be able to speak to the federal government.

“I am calling on the Premier to draw on this endorsement now. It’s seems to me the only time Stephen Harper thinks about our province is when he wants to cut our services.”

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