Look to other provinces for better appointments models, says Michael

NDP Parliamentary Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Parliamentary Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, St. John’s East-Quidi Vidi) says while criticism on government’s proposed new Independent Appointments Commission has focused on the fact that it does not take the politics out of government appointments, despite repeated Liberal promises to do so, there are other reasons for the province to be wary of the legislation currently being debated in the House of Assembly.

She says the most serious and obvious flaw is that the legislation does nothing to bind the commission to reflecting the diversity of the province in making appointments.

“I have long been a critic of the lack of women on all these boards and committees,” Michael said today. “The government has done nothing to advance the cause of equity with this legislation – unlike Ontario where one of the four core principles of the Public Appointments Secretariat is, ‘Persons selected to serve must reflect the true face of Ontario in terms of diversity and regional representation. ‘”

She adds the Newfoundland and Labrador legislation does not even mention diversity, and government has missed an opportunity to make substantive change.

“Ontario, BC and Alberta all have legislation that goes far beyond the scope of the one we are debating today in several ways,” she said.

“In their attempt to appear open and transparent, this government has revealed itself as unoriginal and as politically-motivated as any other government we have had.”

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