Michael questions fiscal plans and helicopter safety progress

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) asked government in the House of Assembly today, on the fourth anniversary of the Cougar 491 tragedy, about recommendations made by Judge Robert Wells.

“Judge Wells recommended the creation of an independent offshore safety authority, as has been done in more progressive jurisdictions around the world such as Norway, Australia and the United States,” Michael said in the House today. “I ask the Premier, what has her government done in the years ensuing to ensure that this vital recommendation be implemented?

“Will she and her government take a strong stand in favour of the workers and recommend to the CNLOPB that there be no return to night flights?


“Judge Wells recommended that no worker be forced to take a night flight as a term of his or her employment,” Michael continued. “Will this government make it known to the industry that government considers night flights to be hazardous and employees have every right to refuse them without fearing for their jobs?”
clear up questions surrounding its so-called fiscal plan. Michael has been asking the premier to release plans that she and her cabinet have referred to. Today, she attempted to get clarification on a couple of references made by the premier in recent debate.

“Yesterday, the Premier again said it is her intention to develop a 10-year plan to reduce the province's per-capita debt to the national average,” Michael said.

“Yet researchers at the federal Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer tell us that number cannot be accurately calculated, as debt is calculated differently in different provinces.

“Mr. Speaker, I ask the Premier, why is her government developing a ten-year strategy based on a target number experts say doesn’t exist?”

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