Rogers questions status of Waterford Hospital ABE program

NDP Mental Health Critic Gerry Rogers

NDP Mental Health critic Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) wants to know what is happening with a specialized Adult Basic Education program that was developed to address the very particular requirements of people with mental health challenges.

“The Waterford Hospital ABE was an incredible, specialized comprehensive partnership program with Health and Education. It was designed to meet the very challenging needs of people with mental illness,” Rogers said in the House of Assembly yesterday.

“It too was privatized, its services ripped out.

“I ask the Minister how are students doing in this program now that those crucial support services are no longer there? How many students are there? What are the dropout rates and graduation rates for this program now?”

Rogers says the students who were enrolled in that ABE program are particularly vulnerable; when privatization was first contemplated, many (including those who had successfully completed high school through the Waterford program) expressed concern about how it would function in the future, and mental health advocates have since said that it was not working as successfully as it used to.

“There is no place for privatization in education, or in health, and particularly not in this comprehensive, vital program that is so connected to both,” she said.

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