NDP concerned about Kruger pension plan

NDP Labour Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) is concerned about the financial well-being of hundreds of retired paper mill workers. About 500 former and current employees of Kruger-owned Corner Brook Pulp and Paper and its predecessor Bowater have been told the company wants to make changes to their pensions.

While public details are not yet complete, rumours have been circulating for months, with the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Union Pensioners Committee receiving phone calls from worried pensioners on a daily basis.

“I am most concerned by reports that the Government of this province has given Kruger permission to approach the pensioners about making changes to the plan,” Kirby said today. “Surely people who have worked hard all their life deserve the right to be assured of their pension income. They pay into a plan for years – how can government possibly sanction allowing Kruger to make changes?”

Meetings with the company and the pensioners are set for this week and next.

“I look forward to hearing what the Ministers of Finance and Natural Resources have to say about this appalling situation,” Kirby said. “The very least they should be willing to do for the people of this province is protect the pensions they have worked so hard for.”

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