Michael adopting wait-and-see attitude to Throne Speech content

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) is withholding judgment on today’s Throne Speech until she sees what government actually does in the upcoming session.

“There’s a lot of NDP language in there. Government seems to respond directly to some of the things my caucus and I have been saying over the last year,” Michael said today. “However, until and unless their actions come anywhere close to matching their words, I will not be applauding.”

Michael says it is encouraging to see commitment to anti-bullying legislation amendments in the Throne Speech – “Especially,” she added, “When last May government completely rejected Dale Kirby’s private member’s motion on the subject. It would be nice to think they are recognizing the validity of our ideas.”

Similarly, she would like to see the Offshore Occupational Health and Safety changes referenced in the throne speech include the independent regulatory agency the NDP caucus demanded for years, but she is not holding her breath.

Michael notes, though, that for the second year in a row, government is refusing to address the housing crisis in the province. “People of all ages, everywhere in the province, renters and buyers, continue to have problems accessing safe and appropriate housing,” she said, “hiring one consultant to assess the homelessness problem of people with complex needs is a drop in the bucket of need. There are experts already here in this province who have been offering government solutions to the problems of housing and homelessness. Why won’t government listen to them?”
Completely missing, once again, is any mention of a new funding formula for municipal government and the whistle-blower legislation the Conservatives have been promising since 2007.

“Government is using our language, paying lip service to some of our ideas, but it remains to be seen whether they really get it,” Michael concluded.

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