Childcare a key aspect of any successful population growth strategy

NDP Education Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) said government has to wake up to the fact that universal child care and full-day kindergarten will be a necessary component of a successful Provincial Population Growth Strategy.

Government had announced a series of public community workshop consultations on developing this strategy earlier in the week.

“Child care is a growing expense for working families in the province. Parents are paying up to $1500 per month for a single space in regulated child care centres. Universal child care would be a giant step to addressing one of the biggest obstacles to having a family in this province,” says Kirby.

“Full-day kindergarten must be another key aspect of a meaningful population growth strategy. It has proved successful in other provinces — it helps working families and it has a positive return on investment.”

Kirby pointed out that the province’s population strategy must help young families be able to afford to become parents. Universal early childhood education programs and full-day kindergarten, make it easier for people to have families and raise children.

“It’s difficult to see how government will be able to develop a useful population growth strategy if it chooses to continue to ignore these fundamental family-friendly policies.”

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