Michael questions government’s commitment to fisheries workers

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) asked questions in the House of Assembly today to determine what, if anything, the provincial minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture plans to do for the thousands of people affected by the federal government’s recent shrimp quota reduction. Michael attended a protest held this morning in St. John’s and spoke with some of those people herself.

“The loss of 900 metric tonnes to the inshore shrimp harvesters is going to have far-reaching and devastating implications to our already struggling rural economy, a major concern of the protesters I spoke to this morning at DFO,” she said in the House of Assembly.

“I ask the Premier, will he stand up for the 2,200 plant workers, and more than 250 small boat enterprises affected and get on the phone to the Prime Minister and get this decision reversed?

“What has the Premier to say to people who have seen their investment in the northern shrimp fishery put in jeopardy with the stroke of a federal government pen?”

Michael notes money has been promised for workers who will be affected by the elimination of minimum processing requirements under CETA.

“Government’s CETA deal with the EU includes a $400 million fund to help protect Newfoundland and Labrador fish plant workers affected by government’s abandoning its policy of minimum processing requirements,” she said.

“Will any of this money be available to help harvesters and plant workers who may get hurt by this unfair federal government policy?”

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