Michael questions government on $700,000 Vale audit

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) says government should have been more transparent about an audit it is paying $700,000 for – and it should not have sloughed off as “housekeeping” legislation currently under debate that may affect this audit.

“I have a few questions of clarification from information we learned in the Estimates meeting for the Department of Finance,” Michael said in the House of Assembly today.

“I ask the Premier, has the province engaged the services of an outside company to the tune of $700,000 to assist in an audit on possible transfer pricing by Vale?

“Is the focus of the audit to assess whether these transfer pricing practices resulted in the province receiving less money for ore mined by Vale than we were due?”

In addition to getting public confirmation that the audit is being conducted, Michael queried whether Bill 9 (An Act To Amend The Revenue Administration Act) is connected with the audit and, if so, why MHAs were not told of its importance.

“I ask the Premier, is the passing of Bill 9 in this session of the House tied to the audit currently being conducted on Vale’s ore sales?” Michael asked.

“We were told in the House Bill 9 was a housekeeping amendment. I ask the Premier, why wasn’t he open and transparent on the importance of this amendment to the ongoing Vale audit?”

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