Explanation for attack on literacy demanded

NDP Education Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) confesses he is baffled as to why government is slashing funding for libraries and other essential tools in the fight for literacy.

“Public libraries are vital to literacy and life-long learning in our communities, yet government has decided to slash funding for public libraries in Newfoundland and Labrador by $1.2 million,” Kirby said in the House of Assembly today. “We understand from the Library Association that there are now only nine librarians left to manage close to 100 public libraries across the province.

“Will the Minister of Education please tell us who he consulted before he decided to cut funding for public libraries to the bone?”


Kirby says that rather than answering calls to invest in libraries, “This PC government has slashed that funding to the bone. Rather than delivering on their promised adult literacy strategy, they have cancelled that promise. Rather than investing in adult basic education, they have decided to hand it over to their private sector buddies".

Kirby also wants to know whether two cabinet ministers have kept a recent promise to constituents.

“Last week the Minster of Education and the Minister of Justice met with a delegation from College of the North Atlantic in Burin, and promised to ask Cabinet to review the program cuts there,” he said. “When will the Cabinet Ministers from the Burin Peninsula be fulfilling their promise to ask Cabinet to overturn the cuts to College of the North Atlantic in Burin?”

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