Red Alerts need immediate attention: Murphy

NDP Fire & Emergency Services Critic George Murphy

The NDP critic for Fire and Emergency Services says recent Red Alerts – situations when the northeast Avalon was left without ambulances – need immediate government attention. George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) took government to task on the situation today in the House of Assembly.

“The Minister is on record as saying he doesn’t see the need to add extra ambulances to the fleet to address the Red Alert situation on the northeast Avalon,” Murphy said during Question Period today.

“With a larger population on the northeast Avalon, what evidence does government have to arrive at that conclusion?”

Murphy says the current back-up plan, relying on the fire department to fill the holes, is inadequate and inappropriate.

“Falling back on St. John’s Regional Fire department is not the answer to addressing Red Alerts,” he said.

“What happens if a fire breaks out and we don’t have the fire department to send to the scene? What’s the answer? Send an ambulance?”

Murphy also notes that private ambulance operators are still without a contract after two years’ negotiations, and wants to know what is causing the hold-up.

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