Murphy says Government is brushing aside responsibilities to Municipalities

NDP Municipal Affairs Critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) stood in the House today to ask why government decided to take no action on the issue of municipal funding.

“This government is using the excuse of a deficit to say they can’t negotiate with municipalities,” said Murphy, “but this government chose to create the deficit when they decided to sink $644 million into Nalcor.”

Municipalities in the province have been very vocal about the need for a new funding formula. Some municipal leaders have even hinted at the need for increases in municipal taxes if the provincial fails to deliver.

“Delaying negotiations for a new municipal funding formula will not make the municipalities’ needs go away,” said Murphy. “I’m concerned some municipalities may need to increase their taxes during next year’s municipal assessments review.

“Government’s excuses and inaction on this issue may lead to higher municipal taxes; this means they are basically downloading their responsibility to municipal tax payers.”

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