Parks reservations questions unanswered

George Murphy

NDP Environment and Conservation critic George Murphy (MHA, St. John’s East) says Minister Terry French may need to look a little more closely at the reservation system in place for the province’s parks before he talks about how well the system is working.

In the House of Assembly yesterday, Murphy asked a question about the parks reservation system based on complaints he had been hearing from users; he feels the response he got from the minister was neither helpful nor appropriate.

“There are problems. People expect answers. The minister may not like to hear about them, but there are,” Murphy said today. “A woman called me just last night about her less than positive experience. She talked to a person who told her he was in India, and ended up getting charged eight times for her reservation troubles. She was also then charged a cancellation fee on top of this to cancel double billings when she received her credit card statement.

“Mr. French might want to believe the system is wildly successful, but it has become a successful employer of call centre people outside of the province. With a 14 per cent unemployment rate here, it begs the question why people couldn’t have been trained in this province for this work.

“The minister needs to come out of his tent and look at the environment around him. He might see me in the next site over trying to get his attention to tell him the troubles with the system.”

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