Michael questions government on income support, democratic deficit

Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA Signal Hill, Quidi Vidi) asked government today about its commitment to people affected by new income support regulations.

Previously, people receiving income support from the province were required to apply for reduced Canada Pension Plan benefits when they turned 60. This will change, according to the 2012 budget. Yesterday in the house, Advanced Education and Skills Minister Joan Burke said if there were a penalty creating financial hardship for individuals wanting to rescind their CPP benefits until they reach the age of 65 that they could expect her and her department to do due diligence in assisting them.

Michael asked Burke today what her department’s exact plan was for helping the affected people. The NDP Leader also asked the minister, “did the minster not study the implications of the new regime they have put in place and plan for this contingency?”

Michael also continued her campaign to get government to address its own democratic shortcomings. She pointed out that every other legislature in Canada has permanent all-party standing committees which meet year-round to discuss policy changes and draft legislation.

“When will this government begin the process to bring the democracy of this House of Assembly up to a national standard?” Michael asked.

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